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Everyday, during every conversation, because of every misunderstanding and in most every relationship, we can find ourselves at the mercy of another’s words, another person’s thoughts and perceptions or misconceptions.  

That reality makes me want to crawl in a...


Many times I’ve heard the exasperated phrases “God only knows what she was thinking when she did that.”  or “God knows what’s going on.”  Some kind of offhand remarks for questions like What is going on? Or what was she thinking?

While doing a little self reflectio...


I've got a new favorite song.  It's powerful and maybe it's just me and where I find myself right now, but it can bring me to my knees almost every time I listen to it.  

It's been constantly on my mind these last few weeks, so much so that I put it on my letter bo...


“'Til He appeared and the soul felt it’s worth”

Every year when I’m decorating for Christmas at my home, I use this chalkboard.  I try to come up with a verse, chorus, or line from a Christmas carol or the Bible and display it for the season.  Ever want to get a carol s...


By nature I'm a talker, energetic, excited- an extrovert.  I love to talk, to problem solve, to help, to fix.  I thrive because of relationships.  Wanna talk deep, laugh loud, cry- I’m your girl.  

Because of this I am often vulnerable, emotional, maybe s...


Like I said before, I've easily connected with music.  Songs inspire me.  Make me cry.  Make me think.  They are so relatable.  

While rebuilding my life, God uses many songs to speak to me.  One in particular was instrumental in Found in You, C...


My emotions have always been a major thing for me.  I cry for all kinds of reasons and for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.  And I hated it.  I hated how my weakness was so plain for everyone to see.  Out there, mascara running, tissues balled up, sniffi...


Before I begin, I need to be clear about one part of my story.  I never questioned that God was with me.  I certainly, at times, felt like He was silent, but as my story continues I realize most of the white noise blocking Him is most times coming from me.  He revealed...


Months ago a friend suggested the book Audacious by Beth Moore to me and gave me her copy to read.  Except I didn't start it.  And then at the Lifeway Women's Ministry convention, in Fairfax, VA in March, it was gifted to every attendee.  So I knew after finishing up t...


A couple of weeks ago I was out with a friend.  Each time we are together I feel like it's a breath of fresh air.  A grounding.  A reality check.  

Anybody else have a friend like that?  I'm lucky because I've got a few.  

Anyway, this friend gav...

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